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Résumé for Michael Wayne Arnold

Interests I am passionate about the intersections between technology and ministry. With over a decade’s experience in software development, product management, and technical leadership I am excited about opportunities that allow me to use my gifts for the service of Christ’ Holy Church. I seek to serve God by working in faith-based organizations that leverage my whole person and my complete experience — business, technical, and theological. Please contact me if you would like to discuss further. Read more...

Posted: Mon, Jun 18, 2018, Words: ~1900, Reading Time: 9 min

Sea Walls: haud responsalis sed peccator

Recently I saw a call for more people in enterprise IT to start blogging. Following that call, I’ll offer some reflections. The foundation of a healthy IT culture in the enterprise starts with IT leadership and, especially, front-line IT management focusing on building a great working environment for developers. If developers are overextended, overworked, are not able to innovate, and are not given the dedicated time needed to solve problems, there is no hope for the transformation of corporate IT. Read more...

Posted: Tue, May 29, 2018, Words: ~700, Reading Time: 3 min

Collect for a Server Migration

Almighty Father who is the source of all life, give thy servants an extra measure of thy grace that we, directing the intellect and energy thou hast gifted mankind, might so order our minds as to successfully configure and migrate the systems we steward to the service of thy Holy Catholic Church and to the glory thy Son, Jesus Christ, who with thee and the Holy Spirit reign as one God, now and forever. Read more...

Posted: Wed, Jun 7, 2017, Words: ~100, Reading Time: 1 min