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Antenna Television: My East Nashville Setup

Back in May my Comcast — DBA “Xfinity” because that totally makes me forget they’re Comcast — bill went up to $150. We were paying $110 which was already more than I thought I should pay for data-capped mid-range broadband and some television, but that extra $40 pushed me over the edge. Mentally, $150 is a lot closer to $200 than I felt comfortable with. In East Nashville, AT&T offers uncapped gigabit fiber to the home for only $80. Read more...

Posted: Sun, Aug 13, 2017, Words: ~700, Reading Time: 4 min

Great Nashville Snow of 2016

Like many in Nashville I went to bed on Thursday night expecting to awake to a lot of ice with a little dusting of snow. I knew MNPS would be closed for the day, but I completely expected to drive into work at my normal time. When I awoke on Friday, I was excited to see inches of snow. Like any good Southerner I ran outside and took as many photos I could. Read more...

Posted: Sat, Jan 23, 2016, Words: ~300, Reading Time: 2 min